Wednesday, 3 July 2013

#showusyournumber 2013

On Monday July 8th 2013 (5 days from now!), we're kicking off the second annual #showusyournumber celebration.

#showusyournumber 2013 is coming!

I say celebration because that's exactly what is. Your personal best gross score whether 124 or 65 is a celebration of your golf game. You own that number, it's your benchmark. Your number should inspire you and push you on to continually improve your golfing skills.

Last year we had a phenomenal response, with thousands of golfers from all around the world changing their social media profile pictures to show their numbers. We had participation from professional golfers on the PGA Tour, European and LPGA Tours. To read more about last years event including how it all began, please check out this post.

It's no coincidence that The Open Championship takes place during the 3 weeks of #showusyournumber 2013. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could get some golfers particpating in the Open to show their number? We've already had a tweet from Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño who's indicated that he will get involved when the fun starts.

We'll provide updates during the three weeks of #showusyournumber 2013 in the form of tweets from our @showusyournumbr account, websiteFacebook page and on this blog of course.

All that remains is for you to change your profile pictures on Monday July 8th to show your number! More details are available in the graphic below (click to enlarge), but if you have any questions please feel to get in touch: info(at)ibleedgolf(dot)com


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