Monday, 28 January 2013


Wow, it's been an amazing 6 weeks for IBG.

We launched the site on 12/12/12 and since then it's been non stop. Golfers from all over the world have been visiting the site and commenting on the various features and articles. We've had many touching and very funny articles submitted to our Fore!Word page. Lots of you have interacted with us on Twitter and shown your support.

'Defining Bleeders' - one of the many great articles on our Fore!Word page

Let's be honest, the site could be a lot better in terms of functionality and design. But, we did the best we could on the budget we had (which was almost nothing) and we feel we've created a perfect V.1 web platform. The plan is to improve on all fronts as we grow.

Personally I'm really pleased that people see the value in I bleed Golf. There are so many of you out there who 'get it'. When I first came up with the idea, I was worried that it was crazy nonsense that only made sense in my own head. Now I'm thinking maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all, or PERHAPS all the people who like the site are equally as nutty as myself? Either (or both) of these work well for me!

The only minor downside for me is I haven't had the time to do any of my own writing but hopefully I'll get organised, inspired and motivated soon to get back to it. I've got some ideas floating around.

There's so much great stuff to come on the IBG front, here's a short sample of what's in the pipeline:

  • An IBG shop with some cool IBG merchandise (I cannot wait to wear my IBG branded hat on the course!)
  • We're going to try increase awareness of the site by giving out business cards, putting up posters in places where golfers congregate and IBG merchandise (if you're interested in helping with any of this please let us know)
  • The relaunch of #showusyournumber for 2013
  • An IBG style 'News' section will be added to the site soon.
  • We're also going to feature some charitable organisations and their golf related activities.
  • A 'Champion Flogger of the Year' golf tournament
  • An 'Article of the Week' feature which will highlight a different piece of user submitted Fore!Word writing each week
  • More competitions!
  • More videos!
  • Lots more #lovegolf & #laughalot

This is our first attempt at transferring our logo onto a hat,  we'll be selling them soon from  the website!

Thanks everyone for your support and friendship. Without your passion for life and love for the great game of golf, I bleed Golf wouldn't exist.

See you around,


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Lilly Power said...

Well done steve,i love reading your blog page.its very entertaining. Lllly.