Thursday, 20 December 2012

Guest Post - 'We Bleed Golf' by Herb McNally

It's time for the first ever guest post on here, hopefully the first of many. Very appropriate that the first guest post is by my creative partner in IBG, Herb McNally. Herb is the genius behind the artwork you see across the platform. We to and fro as we fine tune the ideas behind the imagery that is so central to the IBG message. Once we've got a concept in place, Herb goes away and does his thing. 

He always comes up trumps not only as a graphic artist but as a great person and I feel lucky to work with him. 

Anyway, time for a few words from Herb, and unsurprisingly he's going to let his artwork do some of the talking.

See you around,


We Bleed Golf

As many of you know, my life has been somewhat of  whirlwind for the past few months. I have been a part of many cool projects and have been asked to create a lot of new designs. During this period of time, I also had the honor of meeting most of you. My twitter account has grown by well more than 700 followers since July. I have gotten to know some of you pretty well, and there are many of you that I would call friends.

There is one common thing that has brought most of you into my life – A love for the game of golf. We think about it countless times a day. It pumps through our veins. We bleed golf.

It seems like only yesterday that I met Steve Power, Mr. I bleed Golf himself. He asked me if I would care to be a partner in a “little” project. He wanted to create a place where those of us with this affliction can come together, #lovegolf & #laughalot. I am as honored today as I was that first night we spoke.

There are many other people who I would like to thank, but the list is long and I don’t know how long my ramblings can keep your attention. Steve’s the writer. I just try to make things look cool.

Anyway, THANK YOU ALL. I hope I make you proud. If there is something you would like to see me do, you know where to find me.

Herb Mc Nally  AKA @mctwentytwo

The original post and Herb's golf blog (which contains lots of fantastic golf course photos) can be found here:

Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's Alive!

It's Alive!!

Flogging Times (2nd edition) headline.

The new I bleed Golf website is now live over at

The new address for this blog is http//

Thanks everyone for your patience over the past few months as we've been developing the project. Thank you also to everyone who has supported us and laughed along with us. There's some fantastic content on the new site - funny photos and videos and original writing from golfers all around the world.

This is just the beginning!

Monday, 10 December 2012

12/12/12 - The IBG big switch gets flicked.

Scroll down to see what happens when this switch is flicked.

The new I bleed golf site is going live on Wednesday 12/12/12. Thank you to everyone for your support & patience over the past few months as we've been working on it.

We'll be announcing the winner of our 'Basket Case' competition on Wednesday also, the video showing which 'bleeder' completed the basket challenge will be going live on the video section of the new site.

On Wednesday, the journey begins in earnest. No map, no plan, just a determination to spread the #lovegolf & #laughalot message as much as possible.

If you are currently linking to this blog please change your link to the new blog address below.

From now on, this blog can be found at; 

and, the new website can be found at (some of you will know this used to be the blog address)

Please update your favourites or bookmarks to reflect the above.

See you around!


PS - Very soon I'm going to write a post to thank everyone who has supported me personally on this journey. Until then, let's just say you know who you are ;)