Thursday, 15 November 2012

A day in the life.

An eyelid flinch,
Fraction of an inch,
The ball flies wide of wide.

Nestled in nettles,
He strikes hosel metal,
Rebounding, bounding, drowning.

The ball, his heart sinking,
'Why won't you love me?' he's thinking,
Distraught, he shuffles on.

Flogging through filth & fog,
A superb thwack of the big dog,
Striding down the last,

Beaten but smiling.

Friday, 9 November 2012

New IBG #AntiHype Golf Products Will Save You Money & Ensure That YouLive to (at least) 100!!

News just in - The I bleed Golf team have started working with an exciting new product deveLopment, marketing & branding team known as 'McNally & Power' aka 22p.

In the coming weeks and months we'll be collabOrating closely with 22p and releasing some golf products which will help you to realise your TRUE potential as a golfer.

Obviously, we are Very excited about this partnership and we firmly believe that when you see the new #antihype product range, your life and your golf game will be irreversibly, irrevocably, undeniably changed forever. (Or at least until the next nEw product comes out).

Some of you may already have seeN a couple of our early product releases. For those of you who haven't, please see the promotional graphIcs below.

ThanKs for reading, we hope you are as excited about all of this as we are!!

Yours Golfingly


and the team at 'McNally & Power' aka 22p.

end of messagE

#gohigh #justflogit #lovegolf #laughalot #antihype #investinlessons

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Site update & Promote your golf course for free

Hi all,

The new site is almost ready to go, there's just a few final tweaks to be made before the V.1 launch. I'm calling it V.1 because the overall plan is vast and encompasses a great deal of features. We've decided to prioritise them and add to the site as we go along so it should hopefully continue to grow and evolve long after the launch.

For example I'd like to have a charitable aspect to what we are doing in the first release but it requires a great deal of organisation to get set up. It should 'fit' in with the overall theme of the site and our visitors. For this reason the charitable portion of the site will be added at a later date. We're also possibly going to add a merchandising page in a future release to meet the ever growing demand for #flogger branded undergarments.

There's much more I could say here regarding 'what's to come' but lets move on to an issue that requires urgent action. :)

We're adding a new enhanced 'Call The Shot' feature to the website. If you're unsure what this means, please click on the Call The Shot menu page above to have a look. This was a very popular feature amongst golfers and one I'd like to expand upon in the new site. We had a lot of interaction from golfers on Twitter, Facebook and the comments section of the blog when this feature first went live.

I'd like to feature at least two more 'shot scenarios' from two different golf clubs on the new site. In return, the participating clubs will get free promotion on the IBG site, and a link back to their own website. Additionally the features will generate a great deal of debate about how golfers with varying degrees of talent would play the shot and perhaps even encourage golfers to go to the course and play it for real.

Please pass this on if you know a club secretary or manager that might be interested. I believe its a great feature and there is very little effort required on behalf of the club.

If you'd like to get in touch to discuss in detail, please drop me a line info(at)

Thanks and see you around!