Thursday, 18 October 2012

Choose a Basket Case - Win a Prize!

It's time for a little competition.

To enter, you need to watch the videos below in the order that they are displayed. Then, you just need to guess which one of the four 'bleeders' (shown in the 'Meet Some Bleeders' clip) was successful in getting the ball straight into the basket in the yet to be released, hugely anticipated 'One Basket, Ten Yards, Zero Skill - Part 2' clip.

We'll announce the winner when we release Part 2 of the clip in December 2012. If we have multiple correct guesses we'll pick a winner at random from all the correct answers. The winner will receive an IBG bag of golfing goodies. (Try saying that very, very quickly.)

Do you think it will be Russell the Boy Wonder, Pro Dave, Steve Eldrick or Matty Boom Boom?

To enter, please email your bleeder choice to:

And here are the clips! :

Meet Some Bleeders:

One Basket, Ten Yards, Zero Skill - Part 1:

Thanks for reading and for playing our little game!

#lovegolf #laughalot

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Friday, 12 October 2012

The Vortex

Vortex : 'a dangerous or destructive situation in which you become more and more involved without being able to escape.'  Source: Wikipedia or something.

Golf: The final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Golf loving #floggers
Their never ending mission
To explore strange new lies and hazards
To seek out new life and new civilizations
To boldly go where no man or woman has gone on a golf course before.

Most, if not all of us mere mortal amateurs have been there. A moment of lunacy and the next thing you know you've been sucked through a portal into another dimension, 40 or so yards on the wrong side of the out of bounds stakes. 

Just the other day I found myself stuck 15 yards behind a bush after two terrible opening shots on a par 5. The bush was blocking any sensible long shot to the green. It's logical to assume that an experienced golfer such as myself pitched back out to safety. 

A thought caressed my mind for a millisecond, it went something like this;

'It's time to take my medicine, play for the cheeky up and down from 150 yards, I'll make a bogey 6 at worst.'

However, before common sense could prevail, I'd committed to the '220 yard 5 wood fade from behind a bush in the rough'.

I pulled it left, out of bounds. Now playing 5, I took an 8 iron from the bag and sure enough, hit a nice recovery back onto the fairway. I made an 8, eventually. 

The power of the vortex was too great.

Why do we do it? Why, time and time again, do we take on the almost impossible shot? The list of reasons is a long one, here's a few that spring to mind. (Please feel welcome to add your own reasons in the comments box below.)
  • Is it because we consistently overestimate our talent?
  • Is it a lust for glory, a burning desire to play an immaculate recovery shot to resounding applause from our peers?
  • Is it because we cannot control our minds enough in pressure situations?
  • Are we motivated by fear and sheer desperation rather than confidence and belief?
  • Can we completely rule out disruptions in the space/time continuum or alien involvement?
A few weeks ago I was playing in a club matchplay final. My opponent and I were going down the last, the game was all square and I felt in control. I'd already played two shots, compared to my opponent who had played three.  I found myself in a tricky spot in the rough about 160 yards from the pin.

As I stood over the ball I was COMPLETELY LOCKED IN to the pin and to playing what I can only describe (with the benefit of much hindsight) as a near impossible shot. Not once did I consider playing out sideways. Actually I don't even think I looked sideways. I was fixated on the flagstick. It was as if the pin was firing a tractor beam directly at me, it's gravitational pull enchanting me to my 1 down after 36 hole doom. 

Since then, many times I've said to myself - 'I won't let that happen again, next time I'll play a sensible shot.' 

It's not that simple. The power of the vortex is stronger than the lies you tell yourself. Even if you do manage to play a sensible shot the next time, the time after that, and the time after that, it doesn't matter.

One day soon the vortex will consume you again and spit you out into a hostile pot bunker, a manure infested perimeter field, a neighbouring county, or the most frighteningly barren of all places, 


There you see yourself for what you really are....

a #flogger.

(More about floggers soon!)

Thanks for reading!


Many thanks to my partner in crime, Herb Mc Nally (@McTwentyTwo on Twitter) for his wonderful artistry.