Friday, 20 July 2012

#showusyournumber in the media

Shon Crewe (@ShonCrewe on Twitter) will be talking about #showusyournumber on the Golf Show on ESPN NW (Seattle) on Sat 21st July.

You can tune in to the show at the following times or afterwards there will be a podcast available:

8 am PST
4pm British Summer Time

For those who want to listen live, please visit:
As soon as the podcast info is available, I'll upload details!

Enjoy the show, many thank to Shon and ESPN 710!



Friday, 13 July 2012


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The Beginning:

On Tuesday this week I played in a weekly golf game with 17 other club members and shot a 73, my best ever gross score over 18 holes.

Naturally, I was extremely pleased and VERY keen to let my Twitter buddies @mattholbrook86 and @philp1977 know about it. We're having a mini competition (first to 7 wins over the summer) and I thought if I rubbed their noses in it a bit, we'd have a good laugh and perhaps I'd even gain a psychological competitive edge!

I made a decision to change my Twitter profile image to the number 73, a constant reminder to my opponents of my golfing prowess, and my sole intention to show them who's boss in the coming weeks.

I'll let you know how that goes. @philp1977 is currently in the lead with 3 wins, Matt and myself have 2.

This morning, another Twitter buddy of mine, namely the great and wise Mr. Ross Murdoch (@cafebrouge) asked me a question;

I replied and told him the significance of my '73' icon and he thought it was a cool idea. Within minutes he'd also changed his profile pic to show his lowest ever round, a 78. 

Soon after @MattHolbrook86 changed his picture to highlight his PB of 87.

Next, @neverupneverin1 changed his picture and started tweeting the #showusyournumber hashtag.

A trend had started.

With the help of @golfshake, @darrenram, @prinsjoel, @ron_lewis. @3_putt and many, many other passionate golf nuts, #showusyournumber became a worldwide trending topic at approximately 2pm UK time. Please search for the #showusyournumber hashtag on Twitter to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

At 21.15 UK time tonight, European Tour player Rafael Cabrera Bello sent the following tweet to another one of our band of golf manics, @DannyGordon4;

I'll keep updating the blog as and when the fun progresses, but in the meantime, check out the #showusyournumber hashtag and if you want to get involved, just change your pic to show your lowest gross score!

It's fantastic to see people who are so passionate about the game of golf getting behind this. To try and give some perspective, check out some images below from my timeline. There are many more golf lovers getting involved from all over the golfing / Twitter world. This is just a tiny sample!!

Maybe you'll be the next person to change your Twitter profile pic?

Go on, #showusyournumber!!!!!

Update: Sat 14th July 12.22pm

This blog was posted only last night at approx. 10.30 pm and already it's the most popular post I've got on here. Over 500 of you have visited the blog and I'm now following lots of new twitter users (as well as the old ones) who have numbers for their profile pic! My 'following' list looks something like this:

Update: Monday 16th July 00.45am

I think it's fair to say at this point #showusyournumber has become a mini phenomenon amongst golf lovers around the world, particularly in the UK, Ireland, North America and Australia. I'm trying really hard not to overstate the situation :)

All of us who have taken part have connected with so many new people in the past few days. Just take a look at my twitter feed and following / follower list to see a selection of #showusyournumber fans and contributors.

One of the many cool people I've met since it all began is Herb McNally (@McTwentyTwo on Twitter). Herb is an artist / graphic designer by trade. He's been kindly making highly creative, personalised Twitter profile images for people who are taking part in the campaign (so it's becoming a campaign now? - so much for understatement!) Herb's work is fantastic - you can see some samples below. Thanks Herb!

Tour Players!

I can't believe that all of this has come from a 73 I shot on Tuesday, did someone spike my Guinness? :)

Another big development occurred on Sunday night. European Tour Player Pablo Larrazabal has become the first tour player to change his profile picture to show his lowest ever score. Thanks Pablo!

Oh, and soon after Pablo's tweet a certain Sir Nick Faldo sent the message below to #showusyournumber member @johncoates14:

Who knows what the coming week will bring? I for one, will be looking forward to the Open Championship and I may even try and beat that 73, if the rain ever stops...

See you around!

Steve (@ibleedgolf1)

Update: Monday 16th July

Two new professional golfers have taken part in #showusyournumber:

US PGA Tour player Arron Oberholser (@arronoberholser) has updated his Twitter feed to show his lowest ever round of 60, which he shot in the second round of the Byron Nelson Championship back in 2006! Wow!

Kristie Smith (@nikegolfchick) is an Australian professional golfer playing on the Futures Tour and the Ladies European Tour. Kristie the first female pro golfer to participate in #showusyournumber, thanks for taking part Kristie!

Update: Monday 23rd July

The #showusyournumber bandwagon has been pushing on and on in the past week. People are still changing their numbers as they hear about the trend for the first time. As shown in the must recent blog post which can be found here, the trend was mentioned on ESPN 710 Seattle on Saturday 21st July.

I've also mentioned the trend on a few golf forums and it seems the artistry of #showusyournumber has taken a new creative turn. Here are some of the cool ways that members of the Golf Magic forum have been expressing their low scores! 

To celebrate, I'd like to propose a toast...

Sorry, couldn't resist!

See you around,