Monday, 27 February 2012

3 reasons. Part 1: Band in the rain

I play golf for three reasons. I can rank them in order of importance.

The people.
The scenery.
The challenge.

A few years back on a dreadfully dreary, chilly and wet winters morn, I told my girlfriend I was heading out to play in the Thursday swindle at my club.

'In this weather?!', she replied. 'You'll be the only one there, you're a lunatic!'

At that time, I lived about 15 miles from the course. As I drove there through the less than favourable murkiness, I considered that she may in fact be right. Perhaps I was a lunatic?

I thought about turning back.

In spite of doubt and powered by a combination of stubbornness and desire, I kept going.

When I arrived at the course, there were 20 or so other lunatics there waiting to play, waiting for the rain to clear.

It was such a great feeling. A feeling of affirmation, a feeling of belonging. Connecting with other human beings is a very powerful thing and will always be my No.1 reason for playing golf.

More about my other reasons soon!

See you around ;)