Friday, 9 November 2012

New IBG #AntiHype Golf Products Will Save You Money & Ensure That YouLive to (at least) 100!!

News just in - The I bleed Golf team have started working with an exciting new product deveLopment, marketing & branding team known as 'McNally & Power' aka 22p.

In the coming weeks and months we'll be collabOrating closely with 22p and releasing some golf products which will help you to realise your TRUE potential as a golfer.

Obviously, we are Very excited about this partnership and we firmly believe that when you see the new #antihype product range, your life and your golf game will be irreversibly, irrevocably, undeniably changed forever. (Or at least until the next nEw product comes out).

Some of you may already have seeN a couple of our early product releases. For those of you who haven't, please see the promotional graphIcs below.

ThanKs for reading, we hope you are as excited about all of this as we are!!

Yours Golfingly


and the team at 'McNally & Power' aka 22p.

end of messagE

#gohigh #justflogit #lovegolf #laughalot #antihype #investinlessons

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Dawn Mannix said...

I love the 150 yards right of the fairway into a neighboring field.That is hysterical.I laughed raucously.Good job Steve.

I bleed Golf said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Dawn!!