Thursday, 18 October 2012

Choose a Basket Case - Win a Prize!

It's time for a little competition.

To enter, you need to watch the videos below in the order that they are displayed. Then, you just need to guess which one of the four 'bleeders' (shown in the 'Meet Some Bleeders' clip) was successful in getting the ball straight into the basket in the yet to be released, hugely anticipated 'One Basket, Ten Yards, Zero Skill - Part 2' clip.

We'll announce the winner when we release Part 2 of the clip in December 2012. If we have multiple correct guesses we'll pick a winner at random from all the correct answers. The winner will receive an IBG bag of golfing goodies. (Try saying that very, very quickly.)

Do you think it will be Russell the Boy Wonder, Pro Dave, Steve Eldrick or Matty Boom Boom?

To enter, please email your bleeder choice to:

And here are the clips! :

Meet Some Bleeders:

One Basket, Ten Yards, Zero Skill - Part 1:

Thanks for reading and for playing our little game!

#lovegolf #laughalot

**We won't misuse your email address and you won't receive any unsolicited mail from us or any of our partners as a result of entering this competition. Your email address WILL NOT be passed on to any other parties**


Bernard LeBeau said...

Love this contest hope I picked right!!

I bleed Golf said...

Thanks for entering Bernard! Great to have you on board :)

blog said...

Hi Steve,

Would it be Russell (the boy wonder) that hit the basket? The pro would be the most sensible pick but I think Russell has a bit of short game talent.

looking forward to the next exciting bit of competition.

Sláinte Patrick

I bleed Golf said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for voting! The results will be announced in early December along with Part 2 of the 'One Basket, Ten Yards, Zero Skill' Video. :)