Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Do you trust it?

I don't care if your swing is chicken wing, over the top, short and flat or a happy Gilmore, you have to trust it.

Certainly at my level, or perhaps any level in golf - there's no such thing as the '100% all of the time perfect golf swing'. OK, you could argue that Rory McIlroy's looks pretty good but even he misfires from time to time. I've had many lessons, made lots of changes and introduced some new techniques to my game to increase accuracy and distance. This is something I enjoy as I think it's important to be dynamic, always forging ahead and looking for improvement.

However, once you step onto the first tee in a club competition or a knock around with a few friends with a few pounds at stake you should be in trusting mode and not thinking about swing mechanics as that tends to create doubt.

Do you trust your golfing ability?

Lately I haven't trusted myself 100% on the course and I've let this doubt, indecision and tension find its way into my game. As a result I've dug out my many golf psychology books in an attempt to focus on the most important part of the game, that 'other' game which is played in your head when you're on the golf course.

I've been rereading Dr. Bob Rotella's book 'The Golfer's Mind'. There are many great mantras in the book which can help you to get into the trusting mentality. Last night I read a chapter on 'Trust' which stated that its 'better to trust a flawed swing' on the golf course than to start thinking about it mechanically in the middle of a round. A great philsophy but a challenge for someone such as I, always tinkering with my technique!

To hell with it, I'm going to try and play with whatever swing I bring with me on that particular day even if it does turn out to be my grandma's!